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Some of the Content Below You May Find Shocking
These are some of the things that I consider an outrage, this site is intended to inform and not to  offend anyone in paticular or un-necessarily.  If you find some subjects too shocking or offensive, then please accept my apology.  You are welcome to voice your own opinions on my message board.  Please refrain from using profanity.

Drug companies overcharge Americans

About half of all new medicines in the world are discovered and developed by U.S. drug companies. These US Drug companies are charging Americans twice as much for these same drugs as they do other countries.

EU moves to ban hazardous compound

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) - The European Commission moved quickly Wednesday to ban a softening chemical contained in certain baby toys that officials say can damage the liver and other organs. Representatives of the 15 European Union nations are
expected to endorse the emergency ban Nov. 22, although the measure prohibiting
toy manufacturers from using the compound goes into effect in 10 days. The commission also proposed mandatory labeling of all toys intended to be put in the mouth and called for a complete withdrawal of toys containing phthalates before Christmas.
Phthalates are chemical softeners used in toys like baby rattlers and
teething toys, which are sucked and chewed on by children. Commission
officials said they can cause liver, kidney, and testicular damage.

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