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Like a giant spider web we are all connected.
This connection is called a psychic link.

Through these links we can reach out and
touch other minds.

There are no secret or private thoughts.
When we try to hide our thoughts and keep ourselves
private this only leads to the illusion that we are isolated,
alone and un-connected. We are simply dis-connecting
from a deeper level of our consciousness.
We don't loose our ability to connect with
other minds but we do render ourselves ineffective.
We are caught up in the illusion of seperation.
Illusions of seperation lead to feelings of fear,
loneliness, isolation, distrust and despair.
These are simply mental blocks that we have built to
keep from sharing our thoughts with other minds.
As we are willing to become more honest with
ourselves and others these blocks are removed and
psychic energies flow freely.
When allowed to flow freely our very thoughts can have
a healing effect on ourselves and others simitaniously.

Wwould you trade this power and energy for
the ability to remain isolated and alone?

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