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Tree of Knowledge 

Trees have been  used for many things, to give us shade in the summer, change carbon dioxycide into oxygen for us to breathe, to build houses, to make funiture and paper products or to burn for fuel.

If we look around us we will discover many things we use every day that are made from trees.  A hardwood tree such as an oak, pecan, cedar or walnut takes as many years to reach adulthood as we do. If we destroy one of these adult hardwood trees and replace it with a sapling it will take another 20+ years for this new sapling to reach adulthood before it can even reproduce.  A soft wood tree like pine, cherry or maple grows much faster and takes less time to reach maturity.  Many softwood trees are grown and harvested for their usefullness in the many wood products that we manufacture.

Other products that have been grown and used in the manufacturing of paper is cotton, rice and hemp.
The vast knowledge and wisdom of mankind that is found within the books we read is one of  the greatest uses of these various paper products.  With the invention of the internet we can now access information electronically as well

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