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Hypnotherapy & Counseling
 by Wanda Hodge I.A.C.T.
Licesened Hypnotherapist & Counselor
International Association of Counselors and Therapists
 Charter member of Behavior Online ' A network of Professionals

Hypnosis for Health
Hypnosis is a scientifically accepted and widely used method for gaining control over areas of your life that seem to be beyond your control.
Hypnosis is an accepted tool  used in many medical fields and is often used as an alternative approach to healing.
Hypnosis has been found to be very useful in many areas of the medical profession for a variety of ailments

Hypnosis is sometimes shrouded in a lot of misunderstandings based upon fear and Myths that have
been perpetuated. The ones below are the most common
fears associated with hypnosis.

Fear of Losing Control
If you have a problem area in your life that is controlling you, you are already out of control.  Hypnosis will help you re-gain control over your life.

Fear of not waking up
You are not in a coma, you are in an altered state of consciousness. You will awaken feeling relaxed and refreshed as though you have had a good nights sleep. 

Fear of being Controlled
If  it's your will to gain control over a problem area of your life hypnosis can help you gain that control. Something else is already controlling you.

What are the Dangers?
Some forms of pain are warning signals alerting the patient that a medical condition exists that needs to be addressed. A medical checkup is often recommend before under going  hypnosis procedures, especially those involving  freedom from pain. 

I can't be hypnotized
Hypnosis can and will work for those who are willing to  use it properly.
Millions have benefited from hypnosis through out history.
Very few subjects have been so resistant that they were unable to  benefit from the use of hypnosis. 
Stop Smoking
Release from Stress
Control Pain
Lose Weight
Overcome Addictions
High Powered Sales
Gain Confidence
Childbirth & Hypnosis
Control Arthritis Pain
The above list of hypnosis treatments are available on cassette tapes and can be ordered and used in the privacy of your own home and at your convenience. These are professional tapes that will take you into a deep state of hypnosis. Each tape is a complete hour long  session on each side.   Don't worry about going to sleep or not having someone present to awaken you. You will awaken feeling relaxed and refreshed, as though you've had a good nights sleep.  There is absolutely no danger involved using self hypnosis tapes, they are safe, effective  and economical.

Meditation Primer

this page created by Wanda Hodge updated 7/21/99