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True Love's  Grassroots

 Activists & Non Profit Organizations

Register To Vote -

Elections are crucial to this country, to the American people and to the world. Don't put it off another day, if you aren't registered to vote then
you  have no voice at all in the things that really matter
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Below is a list of organizations that are devoted to human rights, civil rights, animal rights, clean air, clean water, environmental concerns,  conservation and preservation. If  you belong to a group that is devoted to any of these or other humanitarian issues and your group isn't listed below please send me the URL or address to your organization and I will be happy to include it on my site. If you don't belong to a group isn't it time you joined one?   Together we Really can make a difference.

  Soaring Eagle
This Northern Cheyenne charity founded by Father Emmett Hoffmann in 1997 provides an Assisted Living Center, a Child Day Care, a Montessori School and a Cultural Heritage Project in Ashland, Montana. Soaring Eagle's primary goal is to empower the Forgotten People - Northern Cheyenne elders - who are important resources to their tribe. Stop by and visit Soaring Eagle and see what has already been accomplished and how you can  help.
ADL: Fighting Anti-Semitism, Bigotry and Extremism
American Politics Journal

Cancer Prevention Coalition
Campaign on Auto Pollution
Cannabis Action Network
Center for Food Saftey
Center For Reclaiming America
Colombia Support Network:
Clean Water Action
Churchill Society
Common Cause

Defenders of Wildlife
Drug Reform Coliation

Earth Justice
EcoWorld - Content Contributor's
Environmental Research Foundation - Home
Environmental Protection Agency
Freedom Alliance
Friends of the Earth - US
Fight the Right
FoE's Nuclear Page

Green Cross International

Habitat for Humanity
Human Rights for Colombia

Integrity in Science: A CSPI Project
Interfaith Alliance - About Us
International Center for Technology Assessment

Judicial Watch
Land of the Free ?

Make Them Accountable
Marijuana Policy Project
Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse
Mobilization for Global Justice

The Nature Conservancy
National Wildlife Federation
NTIA Public Safety Program Office

People For the American Way
PFAW | Defenders of Democracy
Public Citizen
Pollution Locator:
Public Citizen
Progressive Portal
Rails to Trails Politics
School of the Americas Watch
Science for Peace
Sierra Club

Truth Out
Violence Policy Center - Working for Voter Rights

Wilderness Society
Washington Peace Center
World Wildlife Fund

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