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 The Eagles Nest
"In the shadow of his wings my spirit rests
safe and secure in the eagles nest"
by WM Hodge

 United States Government

The White House
Library of Congress

Political Parties
The Democracy Network Republican Party
Green Party: Grass Roots Libertarian Party
Socialist Party US

Register to Vote

Let's kick ass in 2002 by registering to vote NOW

All of the Scandals on All of the Presidential Election Candidates:
Gore, Bush Jr., Gephardt, Ashcroft, Buchanan, Forbes, Alexander, Dornan, Keyes, Etc.


Civil War Times Illustrated
Civil War Times Illustrated

Magazine Description Civil War Times Illustrated takes readers inside the strategies, tactics, skirmishes, and twists of fate that changed the course of events during the war. Articles cover the battles, the politics, and the key figures involved in American's Civil War. Each issue also features the diaries, letters, journals, maps, and fading photographs of the unsung people of the North and South.

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