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Environmental Impact

Man Made Disasters & Their Environmental Impacts

Seldom  does a day goes by that we don't hear in the news of the latest chemical or oil spill or some other equally hazardous disaster that man has inflicted on the environment.

Even more hazardous is the daily impact that all the millions upon millions of  fossil fuel burning, combustion engine, automobiles,  plus the industrial waste and pollution from  hundreds of  oil, chemical,  plastics and other companies, all have on our environment.  Although these impacts seldom get the attention they deserve by the mainstream news media, they still have extremely disasterous consequences.

Corporate Capitalism has created a throw away society.  Almost all of the goods and products that are manufactured are cheaply produced with deliberate designer flaws to guarantee consumers will have to purchase their products again and again. Many manufacturers can even give you a date as to how long these products are expected to last.  Have you purchased within the past few years, a new automobile, riding mower, electronic equipment,  an appliance or power tool and have it malfunction within days or weeks of the end of the expiration date on the warranty?  If so, Don't feel alone, this is an all too common occurance.   The company that manufactured the product is not a fortune teller able to accurately predict the future. These product designs were carefully pre-tested to ensure that they will not function beyond a specified time.  This year I had to replace my old hot water heater, it was still heating just fine but the sediment had built up inside so much that it was clogging up my water lines.  The OLD heater was 50+  yrs old. The NEW replacement heater has a 5yr warranty. If they could manufacture a hot heater 50 yrs ago that is still working today, then WHY is it the  NEW hot water heaters that are manufactured today are only guaranteed to last 5yrs?  This isn't exactly what I would call progress.

We are literally being buried alive in our own waste. Land fills are filling up daily. There is only so much room on earth we can use as a waste dump.  Some of the waste from industry is so toxic  that we have yet to find a way to safely dispose of it. We have used up 1/3 of the worlds natural resources in the past 25 yrs manufacturing junk products that are deliberately designed to malfunction after a sort period of time.

It's not just the junk we are throwing away, we are throwing away our natural resources, our good health, clean air,  clean water and the future
of this planet.

Below  is a list of  time bombs that have already been dropped on our environment.

Oil Spills  -  Chemical spills  -  Nuclear Waste - testing and disasters,
Cynide spills and run off from gold mining  -  Strip mining for coal
Deforestation- Clear gutting old growth Federally owned  Forests -
clear cutting Rain Forests - Toxic Industrial waste  from chemical companies and power plants, steel mills, paper mills etc.
Chemical, biological and nuclear weapons development and testing

The list above is just a small sample of  what mankind has done to our environmemt out of  greed, carelessness,  abuse and neglect.

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