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My Favorite
Memberships,  Associations and Organizations

Below is a list of some of the organizations I am affiliated with and actively support
Please scroll through the list and check out my favorite clubs and oragnizations.

International Association of Counselors and Therapists

Charter Member - Behavior Online - A network of professionals

Mental Health Net

Habitat for Humanity  - P.O Box 1167 - Americus, GA 31709-9951

New Civilizations Network

The Interfaith Alliance 1012 14th St N W. Suite 700 -Washington, D.C. 20005

Charter Member - Tennessee Chapter of "The Trail of Tears Association"
% 3261 Coal Bank Road,  Sparta, TN 38583

Charter Member National Museum of the American Indian Smithsonian Institution  P.O. Box 96836,  Washington, D.C 20090

  People For The American Way    P.O. Box 96200  -  Washington, D.C. 20077

Little Sioux -St Francis Indian Mission - P.O. Box 149, St Francis,
                                                                     So. Dakota 57572-0149

MAMA's Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse
2255 State Road, Mosier, Oregon 97040

MPP Marijuana Policy Project
P.O. Box 77492, Capital Hill,  Washington, D.C. 20012

  DRC Drug Reform Coliation

Charter Member Rails to Trails
1100 17th Street, N.W. 10th Floor, Washington, DC

The Nature Conservancy
4245 North Fairdax Drive Suite 100 Arlington, Virgina 22203

National Wildlife Federation   8925 Leesburge Pike, Vienna, Virgina 22184

Defenders of Wildlife
P.O. Box 96981
Washington, D.C. 20077-7225

World Wildlife Fund
1250 Twenty-Fourth St, Washington, DC 20037

The Wilderness Society    900 17th St, N.W. Washington DC 20006

National Park Trust  414 2nd Street, NE Suite 210,   Washington DC 20002

American Civil Liberties Union   125 St 18th FL    New York, NY 10004
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Public Citizen  P.O. Box 96979   Washington, D.C.   200077-7545

National Wildlife Federation

Sierra Club P.O. Box 52968     Boulder, CO    80321-2968

  Amnesty Intl. USA  P.O. Box 98234   Washington, D.C.

  Charter Member " Metaphysical Research Association of St Louis, MO"

Member of  "Unity Church of South St Louis, MO"

Member of  "Calvin Memorial Methodist Church of St Louis, MO"

Member of  "First Christian Church of Washington, MO"

Member of the, "Southern Poverty Law Center"

In loving memory of  my husband,  'Jesse L Hodge'  and all Viet Nam Veterans
Please visit my Veterans Memorial Web Site Comming Soon

You can no more win a war than you can win a tornado.
In a war there are no winners, only losers!

If the policians and Generals had to fight in these battles
there wouldn't be any wars.

Corporations that profit off of war, don't want peace!
There's no glory in battle, only sorrow.

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